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Traefik, lighttpd, and serving static sites in k8s

Published on 2020-08-06 by rkevin

Hey everyone! A quick update on my setup. This is going to be less exploratory and more me just dumping how I have set things ...

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Automating wildcard certificate issuing in Kubernetes

Published on 2020-07-09 by rkevin

Time for more janky setups! I did say I'm going to document some of the flailing that is me playing around with a baremetal kubernetes ...

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Upgrading the k8s cluster at LibreTexts

Published on 2020-07-02 by rkevin

Hey! Long time no see. Sorry for ditching this blog for like 8 months, but hopefully I'll be a tiny bit more active here. I'd ...

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Pwny Racing Community Challenge 7 Writeup

Published on 2019-11-13 by rkevin

I stumbled upon Pwny Racing a while when I was revisiting some of the challenges on OverTheWire to get inspiration for ECS189. Long story short, ...

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Google CTF 2019 Beginner's Quest writeup: Part 2

Published on 2019-09-25 by rkevin

Part 2! Today we'll be looking at the Home Computer and Work Computer challenges. I haven't gotten any feedback so far, although positive thinking that ...

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Google CTF 2019 Beginner's Quest writeup: Part 1

Published on 2019-09-22 by rkevin

I really like the Beginner's Quest section in Google's CTFs. They're easy enough so I can solve them in a few days, and hard enough ...

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Setting up this blog

Published on 2019-09-20 by rkevin

First post! I'm just going to detail some of the stuff I went through to get this blog set up. I am writing this at ...

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